10 ft Black 4-in-1 USB KVM Extension Cable

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Extend the reach of your USB keyboard and mouse, speakers and VGA monitor with one cable

This 10ft (black) 4-in-1 USB KVM Extension Cable lets you position your keyboard, monitor, mouse, and speakers away from your computer without the clutter of four separate extension cables.

The USB KVM Extension Cable offers VGA, USB (mouse/keyboard) and audio connectivity in a single cable, eliminating tangles and a cluttered workspace. The high-quality video cable features double-shielding and a ferrite core to eliminate signal interface, giving you crystal-clear video quality.

Each connector is color-coded according to PC99 specifications for easy installation.

The Advantage

- The 4-in-1 Console Extension Cable is perfect for extending your console with USB keyboard and mouse up to 10ft away from your computer
- 4-in-1 console extension cable eliminates clutter caused by regular cables and improves cable management
- Backed by lifetime warranty
Cable length:
3.05 m
Colour of product:
HDDB15, 2x 4 pin USB Type A, 3mm PC Speaker (Male & Female)
Package depth:
13 cm
Package height:
38 cm
Package width:
2.58 cm

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