Newstar 15 ft. PC99 4-in-1 Audio, Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse Extension Cable

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The NewStar PC99 4-in-1 Extension Cable allows keyboard, monitor, mouse, and speaker cables to be extended without the mess and tangle of 4 separate traditional cables. Our exclusive design takes 4 separate extension cables and fuses them into 1 neat tangle-free cable. Each connector end is color coded according to PC99 specifications for ease of identification when connecting the peripherals. The video component of the cable is constructed with high-quality mini-coaxial wire for crystal clear video quality at any resolution. Double shielding and a ferrite core on the video cable virtually eliminate any external signal interference. The audio portion of the cable is made with shielded wire and gold plated connectors for ultimate clarity.
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HDDB15 M/F, 2x 6 MiniDIN M/F, 3mm audio M/F