IBM Short KVM Conversion Option (Short KCO)

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This "smart cable" option plugs into the KVM output on the back of the xSeries server and converts those signals to CAT5. This conversion option chains servers together or to either a NetBAY Local Console Manager or NetBAY Remote Console Manager. This short version of the KVM Conversion Option is used on servers without a cable management arm. This option includes four "smart cables" per pack.

Features and Benefits:

-Provides innovative solution for setting up and monitoring multiple racks with multiple servers from one or more consoles.
-Supports virtually all xSeries servers, those with Cable Chaining Technology (C2T) as a standard feature and those with traditional keyboard, video and mouse port.
-Supports a building-block approach and is backward-compatible with legacy xSeries servers.
Cable length:
1 x RJ-45 (F), 1 x 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) (M), 2 x 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2) (M)