HP 110936-B24 keyboard video mouse (KVM) cable

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The Compaq Server Console Switch is a key components for rack mount implementations that allows up to 4 servers in a rack to be accessed and managed by one keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The Compaq Server Console Switch can be connected in a tiered fashion, to increase server access from 4 servers to as many as 16 servers. Switching between computers is accomplished by typing a switching command at the keyboard, or by using the mouse to interact with the graphic interface of the selected computer. Standard rack mounting of the Compaq Server Console Switches will take up 1U (1.75") of front panel rack space. However, the Switch can also be mounted in a "zero U" profile by mounting in the side rails of the rack, or behind the Compaq 1U Keyboard Drawer, or the HP TFT5600 keyboard monitor combo drawer.
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1 m
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