C2G DVI Dual Link KVM Cable 5m

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DVI KVM Cables from Cables To Go combine style, quality, performance and value, while giving you decisive cable technology. These precision-engineered all-in-one KVM cables are designed for connecting your keyboard, mouse and flat panel to your DVI KVM. The DVI-D segment delivers the high-performance, high-bandwidth interface needed for video displays of today while leaving headroom for the products of tomorrow. The DVI-D dual link configuration provides enough bandwidth for resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 and allows high speed digital transmission up to 9.9 Gbps. The connectors are color coded to match the ports on your personal computer or notebook, ensuring a simple connection. The black cable jacket disappears behind your desk leaving a clean organized look without the clutter and mess you have with ordinary individual extension cable products. The DVI KVM Cable meets the rigid standards of everyday use. The cable is shielded with a dual foil and braid to minimize crosstalk, noise and other interference. Shielded undermold soldered to the connector shell and cable braid create an end-to-end shielding solution for a noise-free connection.

- Connectors: DVI-D 24-pin Male, PS/2 Male x2 to DVI-D 24-pin Male, PS/2 Male x2.
- All-in-one bonded cable design organizes and simpifies cable runs.
- Dual link digital signaling allows for high speed transmission up to 9.9Gbps.
- Shielded undermold protects against unwanted EMI/RFI interference.
- 28AWG copper conductors are individually insulated in foam-polypropylene to minimize crosstalk, ensuring high-speed, error-free transmission.
- Tri-shielding with dual Mylar® foil and braid shield reduces interference.
- Gold-plated contacts provide full conductivity with no data loss.
- Ferrite core adds additional EMI/RFI noise protection.
- Supports hot plugging of DVI display devices.
- Heavy-duty molded strain relief provides increased flexibility and durability.
- Resolutions up to 2048 x 1536.
- Supports digital signal only.
- PC-99 color-coded connectors for easy installation.
Cable length:
Colour of product:
1.36 kg (3.0 lbs)
Connector 1:
DVI-D 24-pin Male, PS/2 Male
Connector 2:
DVI-D 24-pin Male, PS/2 Male