C2G 30ft Ultima 3-in-1 VGA Desktop Extension Cable

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For the ultimate in style, flexibility, and convenience, Ultima 3-in-1 Desktop Extension Cables are the perfect solution for extending your keyboard, monitor, and mouse up to 30ft from your computer system. Their unibody design features unique VGA and PS/2 breakouts on both ends of the cable, eliminating the mess and tangles created by running multiple, individual cables from your system to the desktop.

These cables not only look great and provide a neat appearance, they are also built from high performance components to ensure absolute signal integrity. To protect against EMI/RFI interference, the entire cable features an overall foil and braid shield. Individual coax lines are also individually shield from crisp, quality video images without ghosting.

Add style and gain flexibility without the mess - choose Ultima Three-in-One Desktop Extension Cables from Cables To Go.
Cable length:
Colour of product:
1.81 kg (4 lbs)
Connector 1:
HD15, 2x PS/2
Connector 2:
HD15, 2x PS/2