C2G 3-in-1 Universal Hi-Resolution PS/2 KVM Cable HD15 VGA M/M 6ft

$499.00 (£265.43)
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Cables To Go's 3-in-1 Universal Hi-Res KVM Cables are high-quality, universally compatible cables to work with KVM switches from many leading manufacturers. These cables feature keyboard, monitor, and mouse combined into one cable split apart at each end. The 3-in-1 design, plus color-coded connectors, makes this cable easy to manage. This unibody design makes them tangle-free. The VGA cable is built from premium coaxial cables, which ensure superior resolution and crisp ghost-free images. The fully shielded unibody KVM Cables ensures you maintain excellent signal integrity and video quality at all offered lengths. Single jacket, unibody molding not only shields your cables from EMI/RFI interference, it also cleanly connects your KVM to your computer, without the inherent clutter and mess you have with ordinary individual cables. The Hi-Res 3-in-1 KVM Cables are available in lengths from 4ft to 30ft to match your application.

- Connectors:
- Input: HD15 Male, PS/2 Male x 2.
- Output: HD15 Male, PS/2 Male x 2.
- All-In-One design organizes and simpifies cable runs.
- Single cable construction connects VGA, PS/2 Keyboard and mouse.
- PC-99 color coded connectors for plug and play installation.
- Flexible, rugged PVC unibody jacket for safety and durability.
- Comprehensive EMI/FRI protection via multilevel shielding.
- Individually shielded coaxial VGA lines for crisp, quality video.
- Overall foil and woven braid shielding for complete protection.
Cable length:
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Connector 1:
HD15 Male, PS/2 Male
Connector 2:
HD15 Male, PS/2 Male