Belkin Pro Series OmniView™ KVM PS/2 Cable Kit - 6 feet

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It does it all! It organizes, it connects, it’ll do your dirty laundry…ok; maybe it won’t do your dirty laundry, but our PS/2 OmniView™ Standard Cable Kit contains all the cables you need to hook up your KVM switch. Plus it features molded construction for a neat cable hookup.
The Pro Series OmniView™ KVM PS/2 Cable Kit is an all in one cabling solution for connecting a computer using PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse and a VGA monitor to a KVM Switch.

• Oversized thumbscrews for easy installation.
• Standard six-foot cable lengths.
• Full lifetime warranty.
• UL Rated wiring.
• Available in custom lengths; please contact your Belkin sales representative for more information.
• Includes two 6' mini din ps/2 male to male cables for the keyboard and mouse and one 6' HDDB15 male to female VGA cable.
Cable length:

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