Belkin OmniView™ ENTERPRISE Series Daisy-Chain Cable, 1.8 m

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The OmniView ENTERPRISE Series Daisy-Chain Cables allow you to daisy-chain multiple OmniView KVM switches (or the OmniView™ENTERPRISE Series 8-Port Expander) to add computers to your Enterprise configuration. Our advanced wiring design and coaxial VGA cabling preserve signal integrity from the first to the last computer.

Advantages :
- Preserves signal integrity at higher resolutions with coaxial VGA cabling
- Adds durable strength with Tactilite™ molded-strain relief construction
- Features exclusive, 360-degree turning radius for flexibility even under extreme conditions
- Protects against damage to conductors
- Installs easily with modified slender thumbscrews
- Reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI)
- Comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty

- Aluminum undermold shield for EMI/RFI reduction
- Double-shielded (braid-and-foil) construction to reduce cross talk
- PC99 color-coded connectors for easy port identification and installation
Cable length:
1.8 m
Colour of product:

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