Belkin Cable ribbon int UIDE + UIDE66 0.60m

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Flapping and waving it winds through the computer. Making its way to each destination then twisting to another until finally the Belkin Ribbon Cable has touched each drive. Now your data can freely flow in a never-ending stream of information.
Connects an internal IDE hard drive to your controller card. Required for maximum performance of Ultra ATA-66/100 UTDMA-66/100 IDE drives.
-Increases data integrity.
-Compatible with all IDE hard drives.
-Required for maximum performance of Ultra ATA-66 /100- UDMA-66/100 IDE drives.
-Color-coded blue, gray, and black connectors for easy installation.
-Three 40-socket female connectors: one to attach the cable to the controller card, and two for connecting hard drives.
-80-conductor ribbon cable featuring its unique grounding design.
-40 conductors in the bulk cable provide extra grounding to reduce the levels of interference and cross talk between the drive and its controller.
Cable length:
Cable type:
Ultra DMA/Ultra ATA IDE Ribbon
Colour of product:
40-Pin/80-Wire Socket Female