3M QSA 2 2

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The QSA test cords provide a means of easy connection to the 3M QSA modules for testing purposes.

There are 3 versions available depending on the module type to test and the type of testing. There are 2 version of the QSA 2-pole test cord, one for use on the QSA series 1, the other for QSA series 2. The-se cords provide 1 pair with signals a/a‘ and b/b‘. The third version of cord is a 4-pole test cord for use with QSA series 2 modules and pro-vides 2 pair with signals a,b,a‘,b‘. All 3 versions are supplied complete with banana sockets for easy connection to the test equipment.

For easy identification of signals in the 4-pole test cord longer leads are supplied to denote the a‘ and b‘ signals, the shorter leads denote a and b signals. The banana sockets are also colour coded with the black sockets for b and b‘ signals and the white sockets for a and a‘ signals.
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