Belkin RazorVision DVI Dual-Link Video Cable, 2.4m

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PureAV RazorVision video cables by Belkin improve the contrast of your picture and bring out more detail using a video enhancement chip by DigiVision, Inc. It works on all types of displays and with all TV video sources by way of a cable. PureAV offers both digital and standard definition cables using the RazorVision technology. There are three types of digital cables which handle all HDTV formats as well as standard definition TV - HDMI Audio Video Cables, HDMI-to-DVI Video Cables, and DVI Video. RazorVision uses DigiVision's unique patent pending video processing technology that improves large areas of the display. Competing technologies only operate on a few pixels in very small areas of the picture. Picture a bowl of fruit with a yellow banana surrounded by red apples. The RazorVision cable will make the banana brighter and the apples a little darker. Other contrast enhancement technologies on the market would just make the edge of the banana brighter, like a halo. The RazorVision cable makes the whole banana brighter. The effect is most evident in outdoor nature scenes with sky, sand, grass, trees, wild animals, etc. Those scenes have a lot of detail that can be enhanced and have very bright and very dark components. It doesn't do as much processing on dark scenes because they are subtler by nature These PureAV Silver SeriesTM interconnects incorporate RazorVision digital enhancement technology to improve video content regardless of the display type. This represents an advance over existing high-quality digital video cables, which are designed to maintain the original content from your source and deliver it to your display without loss or interference. PureAV RazorVision Cables provide you with the following picture improvements: . Increased contrast with more visible details . Brighter whites and blacker blacks . Restored details in glare and shadows . No edge-outline artifacts . More image depth Previously, traditional cables could only duplicate the image source, at best. The PureAV RazorVision cable actually improves the original image source. Uses a substantially larger screen sampling, over current displays, for image adjustments. This process improves shading, and provides more depth to images. Similar to digital photo enhancement, but in real-time. RazorVision is an active cable, improving the signal, so all displays will be improved due to better signal.

Advantages :
- RazorVision enhancement technology improves the contrast of the picture by making the brights brighter and the darks darker
- RazorVision Cables work with all of the HDTV digital formats (1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i) as well as with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM analog TV
- The PureAV RazorVision HDMI cable is compatible with HDMI and DVI signals in both HD and standard definition format. Future formats of RazorVision cables may include, Component video, S-Video and even Composite.
- 99.99% Oxygen-Free, Solid-Copper Conductors and High-Purity, Silver Solder Joints- Drastically reduce signal distortion for unrivaled audio and video clarity
- Silver-Plated Conductors- Deliver best high-frequency response for optimal resolution
- Precision-Formulated, Polyethylene Dielectric Material - Maintains stronger signals that yield superior sonic and video accuracy
- Quad-Shielding - Isolates from outside noise for superior clarity
- Impedance-Matched Construction - Reduces loss and increases bandwidth
- Ferrite Inductor Blocks -Protect against unwanted interference
- Integrated Strain Relief -Protects against wire damage for consistently high-quality video
- Abrasion-Resistant, Flexible PVC Jacket -Maintains integrity, even when bent
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