Belkin AV51400-04

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High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and Digital Visual Interface (DVI) deliver the brightest, most accurate colors and sharpest detail by transferring data in pure digital form to deliver true high-definition, all-digital video.

HDMI is backward-compatible with DVI, allowing connection of HDMI-capable components and displays to equipment with DVI connections. HDMI-to-DVI is ideal for connecting digital displays such as HDTVs, plasma displays, LCD TVs, and projectors to digital source devices, such as DVD players/recorders, digital set-top boxes, and AV receivers.

To obtain the highest-possible resolution from DVI technology, a dual-link, 24-pin connection is required. Dual-link provides the convenience of backward-compatibility with AV hardware that is single-link-enabled only.

PureAV HDMI-to-DVI and DVI Dual-Link Cables deliver superior-quality, all-digital, high-definition video. They use silver-plated conductors, five-layer shielding, and precision-formulated dielectric material to ensure a sharp, detailed, vibrant picture.

-99.99% oxygen-free, solid-copper conductors and high-purity, silver solder joints drastically reduce signal distortion for unrivaled video clarity.
-Silver-plated conductors deliver best high-frequency response for optimal resolution.
-Five-layer shielding isolates from outside noise for superior clarity.
-Precision-formulated, polyethylene dielectric material maintains stronger signals that yield superior video accuracy.
-Impedance-matched construction reduces loss and increases bandwidth.
-Ferrite inductor block protects against unwanted interference.
-Integrated strain relief protects against wire damage for consistently high-quality video.
-Abrasion-resistant, flexible PVC jacket maintains integrity, even when bent.
-24k gold-plated connectors create precise contact for low loss.
-Non-slip rubber grip and integrated color-coding provide comfort and ease of install.
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