C2G 6ft Value Series Component Video RCA Type Cable

$499.00 (£265.43)
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Value Series Component Video Cables are the ideal choice for connecting high definition DVD players and high-end televisions. These cost-conscious cables are high quality and deliver a crisp, clear picture for less. The cable's shielding helps reduce unwanted noise and distortion. Nickel plated connectors ensure long lasting, corrosion-free connections to your equipment. The color-coded molded connectors attach to an ultra-flexible jacket allowing for easy installation and identification.

Component Video Cables are able to bypass the TV’s Y/C separator and color decoder, routing the color (Y Pr Pb ) information directly into the TVs matrix decoder. By sending the pure DVD component video signal directly to a component video input-equipped display device, the DVD signal forgoes the extra processing that normally would degrade the image. The result is a vastly increased image quality, with incredibly lifelike colors and crisp detail.

- Connectors: RCA Plug x3 to RCA Plug x3
- Ultra-flexible jacket for easy installation
- Fully-molded connectors provide excellent strain relief
- Provides video signal transfer between DVD players and televisions or projectors
- Color-coded connectors: Red, green, blue
Cable length:
Colour of product:
Connector 1:
3 x RCA
Connector 2:
3 x RCA

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