Belkin AV22104

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This Kit provides ideal connections for HDTV/satellite receivers, progressive-scan DVD players, and for equipment that supports Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound. It offers exceptional quality in both cables: digital optical fiber is immune to all forms of EM/RF interference for superior sonic accuracy, and Component Video separates color into its primary components using three cables to transmit three distinct signals.

- Improves clarity, using superior-grade optical fiber and 99.99%-purity solid-copper conductors
- Provides maximum durability and lowest-possible signal loss, with high-performance cladding
- Maintains signal integrity and 75-Ohm impedance, using precision-formulated, nitrogen-injected dielectric
- Creates precise contact and increased durability, with corrosion-resistant, 24k gold connectors
- Provides maximum isolation from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference with double-shielded construction
- Eliminates the corrosion that is common in bare, copper-braided shielding
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