Tripp Lite USA19HS

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Looking for a way to connect a serial device to the USB port on your PC or Mac? Our USB High-Speed Serial Adapter provides a simple and reliable solution. This adapter is broadly recommended by serial device manufacturers due to its dependability and "Best in Class" compatibility.

- Certified: Microsoft WHQL approved.
- High Speed: Supports 230 Kbps - twice the speed of a built in serial port.
- Detachable Cable: Use adapter with any USB cable (up to 5 meters long).
- LED: Shows adapter status and data activity.
- Plug & Play: Appears as standard COM port.
- Mobile: Easy to carry - weighs just 2 oz.
- Bus Powered: No external power adapter required.
- Analytic Tools: Includes Windows line monitor and data trace software.
- Field Upgrade: Easy to update over time with free software downloads.
- Easy Expansion: Supports use of multiple adapters on one PC.
Cable length:
Colour of product:
Compatible operating systems:
- Windows\n- Mac
Connector 1:
DB9 (Male)

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