Tripp Lite N046-000

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Tripp Lite's professional grade, high-volume Punch Down Cable Installation Tool, with adjustable impact, is the perfect multi-purpose tool for punching down Cat5/Cat6 cable to 110 jacks and patch panels, or, telephone wire to 66M blocks. Each blade (110 or 66) contains a cutting and non-cutting side. The blade not being used is stored in the handle compartment. Adjustable High/Low actuation setting accomodates termination requirements or installer preference.

- Professional, Installer Grade 110/66 Impact Punch Down Tool.
- Both blades (110 & 66) have cutting and non-cutting sides.
- Handle compartment for storing blade not in use.
- Adjustable impact preference.
- Rugged, Polyacetal Resin frame for long-life use.
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