3M 6650-LC

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LC Expansion Kit. The 6650-LC Expansion Kit contains the necessary tools to terminate the Hot Melt LC and must be used in conjunction with the 6366/6362-230V Hot Melt Termination Kit.

The 6650-LC contains consumables for up to 100 terminations, up to 50 of which can be singlemode.

3M™ Hot Melt Termination Kits 6366 (120V oven) and 6362 (230V oven) contain all tools and materials necessary to terminate 3M™ Hot Melt SC, ST, and FC Connectors, both singlemode and multimode. The 3M™ LC Expansion Kit 6650-LC is used in addition to the 6366/6362 hot melt termination kits to terminate 3M™ Hot Melt LC Connectors.
Metal, Plastic
Network connector type:
RJ-11, RJ-45

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