Cable ZEN 13.1 ft (4m) Sub-woofer Audio Cable

$105.00 (£55.85)
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Great for Amplified Active Sub-woofers, Receivers, and Home Theater Surround Sound Systems.

You demand performance
You demand the highest possible quality from your equipment. Shouldn’t you demand the same level of performance from your cables? Welcome to Cable ZEN. Constructed to outperform the competition, our sub-woofer audio cables deliver clear, responsive sound reproduction worthy of the investment you have made in your equipment.

You desire order
And because performance shouldn’t come at the expense of clutter, Cable ZEN includes a unique color-coding stripe and cable management system that simplifies connections and keeps your setup organized and easy to manage. Performance. Order. A truly enlightened decision.

- Unique striping and cable management system.
- Gold-plated connectors and quality cable construction.
Cable length:
4 m
Colour of product:
1 x RCA

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