Sony RKD-SE30C

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- A digital audio cable designed to link a HDD Recorder, DVD player, Set Top box, Playstation 3 or Blu-ray player to a Home Theatre system or HiFi.
- Support multiples audio formats, from Stereo to Surround.
- 75 Ohm impedance.
- High purity cable: 99.996% Oxygen-Free Cooper (OFC) core wire reduces signal distortion.
- Triple layer shielding reduces Electromagnetic (EM) and Radio Frequency (RF) interferences for clear audio.
- 24K gold plated connectors resist corrosion for long-lasting reliability - high quality audio through high contact for low loss and precise signal transfer.
- Metal plug jackets have high corrosion resistance and ensure easy insertion.
- Special Sheath equipped with Mesh-Jacket brings durability for heat / attrition and high flexibility.
Cable length:
3 m
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