Sony RK-DSE30

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Enjoy multi-channel, digital audio with this digital audio coaxial cable. It offers high-quality connections between your audio components, and connects your set-top box, DVD player, TV or A/V receiver to your home stereo system. Features 24K gold-plated plugs, triple shielding and metal grips.

Transfers the coaxial digital audio signals supporting not only stereo but also multi-channel (surround) sound if your components and media support them

High reliability and durability
due to a non-magnetic 24k gold plated plug which reduces interference by magnetic induction and contact resistance and brings a strong rust protection; Metal grip brings excellent durability and high corrosion resistance; Special sheath equipped with a Mesh-Jacket which brings durability for heat and attrition as well as highly flexible

Oxygen-Free Copper
High quality OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) core wire conductor

Triple-Shielded cable
This is achieved by using a high density aluminum foil (bringing high-shielding effect against interference of especially high-frequency bands); Double high density copper wire braid (brining high shielding effect against interference of especially low frequency bands)
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