Philips Stereo Y cable SWA2712W

$374.00 (£198.94)
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Ensure a reliable connection
with this stereo audio cable
Depend on this cable to provide you with a reliable audio connection between components.

Enjoy good audio quality
- Nickel-plated connectors for reliable contact
- High-purity copper conductor for reliable signal transfer
Easy installation
- Colour-coded connectors for instant recognition
- Non-slip ergonomic grip for easy use
Enjoy extended durability
- Moulded plug for secure connections
- Flexible PVC jacket
- Rubber strain relief
Cable length:
5 m
Colour of product:
Connector 1:
Connector 2:
2 x RCA
Connector contacts plating:
Gross weight inner carton:
0.48 kg
Gross weight of outer carton:
3.7 kg
Height (cm) inner carton:
15.8 cm
Height (cm) outer carton:
34.2 cm
Length (cm) inner carton:
24.4 cm
Length (cm) outer carton:
33.9 cm
Net weight inner carton:
0.32 kg
Net weight of outer carton:
1.92 kg
Package weight:
0.1 kg
Packaging net weight:
0.08 kg
Packaging tare weight:
0.02 kg
Tare weight inner carton:
0.16 kg
Tare weight outer carton:
1.78 kg
Width (cm) inner carton:
10.4 cm
Width (cm) outer carton:
26.3 cm
Package depth:
3.5 cm
Package height:
23.5 cm
Package width:
9.5 cm

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