Imation XtremeHD 2M Toslink Audio Cable

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The XtremeHD Toslink digital optical audio cable connects multi-channel audio from sources such as Apple TV, DVD players, satellite receivers, cable boxes and digital video recorders to your A/V receiver or television.

Our Toslink digital audio cable is constructed using the highest-quality fiber optics available. The optical terminations are precision polished to ensure the cleanest possible signal transmission. Durable rubber overmolding insulates and protects the delicate materials and connections inside. As an added measure, the cable is equipped with a protective cap over each end to prevent damage during handling.

Additionally, each cable ships with a 3.5mm optical digital audio jack adapter. When used with the Toslink cable, this adapter allows you to connect some Apple computers, Airport Express and other devices to a Toslink-enabled audio/video receiver.
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