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With millions of MP3 files, video games and multimedia software packages operating on desktops across the country, more than ever people want the clarity of sound that their home audio system provides. This MP3 adapter cable simply connects to your PC sound card speaker output, and shares your PC sound with your home audio system. Why swap between your PC speakers and home systems, when our MP3 adapter can connect both at the same time.

Turn your PC with your MP3 collection into a virtual jukebox with realistic, CD quality sound when played through your stereo system. Play video games and push the sound through your audio receiver for realistic surround sound. Play your DVD and multimedia programs in Dolby® Pro-Logic™ and get a true theater sound experience.

The 3.5mm male plug connects to any computer or device audio output while the 3.5mm female jack connects your computer's speakers. Use the dual channel RCA male plugs as inputs to any audio/video receiver with RCA audio inputs. You have the PC, you have the home sound system, use the MP3 adapter to make them work together.
Cable length:
15.2 m
Colour of product:
Connector 1:
414 g

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