C2G 75ft Plenum-Rated 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable M/M

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Plenum-rated 3.5mm stereo audio interconnects by Impact Acoustics are designed to meet the stringent low voltage wiring codes within commercial applications. The airspace above a suspended ceiling or plenum is a common location for runs of low voltage cables. Placement of low voltage cables within the plenum requires the installer to use materials that limit the release of smoke and fumes in the unfortunate event of a fire. These plenum-rated 3.5mm cables are constructed from twisted pair 24AWG wire and precision 3.5mm connectors for a solid and reliable connection. The CMP-rated PVC jacket and FEP inner insulator provide the fire protection required to run these cables within walls and air plenums without the need for conduit. The cable features 24AWG copper conductors covered by aluminum polyester shielding for 100% shield coverage.

- CMP-rated cable jacket
- 100% shielding
- 24Awg conductors
- Precision-manufactured 3.5mm connectors
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