C2G 45458

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SonicWave glass fiber optical cables are a must-have for any audio purists. Constructed from 280 individual strands of 0.053mm glass for maximum flexibility, the bend radius is an amazing 70mm. High-purity optical grade glass will not haze or discolor over time like plastic will. Sophisticated mirror-polishing techniques are employed to make the clearest end possible, and resulting in less error and maximum signal transfer. 24K gold plated collet provides rigidity and maintains cable fiber placement. 8mm, soft-flexible PVC jacket protects the delicate fiber core. Toslink cables eliminate EMI and RFI interference common to standard Audio/Video cables.


- 280 strands of High-Purity Glass Optical Fiber
- Incredible 70mm bend radius
- 24K gold plated collet
- 8mm soft-flexible PVC jacket
- Eliminates EMI and RFI interference
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