C2G 12ft SonicWave™ Bass Management Subwoofer Cable

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A cable whose job is to transmit just two or three octaves of audio information enjoys the most relaxed requirements of any interconnects in the system. Or does it? Long lengths, punishing environmental factors and the necessity to handle extreme dynamic range are all part of the subwoofer interconnect’s job description. Impact Acoustics™ by Cables To Go™ ’ SonicWave subwoofer interconnects are robustly constructed by using 18 strands of 0.12mm silver-plated OFC and 7 strands of 0.18 silver-plated OFC conductor, triple-shielded and housed in a rough-and-ready jacket. Designed to perform under the most demanding environmental conditions, our subwoofer interconnects will deliver massive impact and clean, low bass to the very limits of human perception! Build a state-of-the-art theater or audio rig by accurately delivering the foundation of music and movie content -- profoundly deep bass.

- Connectors: RCA Male to RCA Male
- The perfect interconnect for integrating an active subwoofer in a high-performance home cinema installation
- Constructed using 18 strands of 0.12mm silver-plated oxygen-free copper and 7 strands of 0.18 silver-plated oxygen-free copper as the signal conductor
- CU Shielding Technology™ ensures high-fidelity transmission of critical deep bass signals.
- SplitLok™ precision-machined 24-karat gold-plated connectors with split center pins provide a superior signal connection
- Flexcable™ ultra-flexible PVC jacket for easy installation
Cable length:
3.6 m
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