C2G 1.5ft Velocity™ RCA Type Audio Cable

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Optimized audio from twisted-pair oxygen-free copper wire
Leonard Bernstein once said, “Music . . . can name the un-nameable and communicate the unknowable.” With such a powerful force at stake, do you really want to use the indifferently built ‘throw away’ cables included with most consumer electronics products? Don’t let your interconnects be the weak link in your audio system chain!

Velocity™ RCA Audio Cables from Impact Acoustics offer excellent sound quality. Twisted pair oxygen-free copper wire and foamed PE dielectric are optimized for audio signal transmission. The low-loss 100% foil and spiral-wound oxygen-free copper shielding protects the delicate signals from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Color-coded molded connectors and an ultra-flexible jacket allow for easy installation. 24K gold-plated heavy-duty contacts ensure a lifetime of performance.
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