C2G 1.5ft SonicWave™

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The Sony/Philips Digital Interface is the “red book” standard for digital audio signal transfer. S/PDIF coaxial cables can carry linear PCM or multi-channel Dolby AC-3/DTS digital content. SonicWave™ Digital Audio Interconnects by Impact Acoustics™ by Cables To Go™ feature proper characteristic impedance, fast frequency-independent signal propagation and effective shielding against RFI and EMI. Impact Acoustics SonicWave S/PDIF interconnects use smooth, flawless, large cross-section silver-plated OFC as the signal conductor. A nitrogen-foamed PE insulation exhibits extremely low dielectric constant. Cu Shielding Technology™ provides three layers of shielding: two 80%+ OFC copper braids and one 100% overlapped Mylar® foil. Precision design and manufacturing ensures the characteristic impedance of the cable assembly remains 75 ohms, +/- 5 ohms. This high performance S/PDIF digital cable is also ideal as a world-class composite video cable for especially demanding video applications!

- Precision manufactured 75-ohm coaxial digital audio cable
- Silver-plated, large cross-section, oxygen-free copper conductor
- Cu Shielding Technology™ features three layers of shielding: two 80%+ OFC copper braids and one 100% overlapped Mylar® foil
- SplitLok™ precision-machined 24-karat gold-plated connectors with split center pins ensure superior signal transfer
- Silver solder construction eliminates the negative effects of dissimilar metals on the delicate digital signal
- Flexcable™ ultra-flexible PVC jacket for easy installation
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