Belkin PureAV High-Performance Speaker Wire

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Ideal for full surround sound speaker connections, PureAV Silver Series High-Performance Speaker Wires are CL3-rated for safe in-wall installation. They feature hybrid-conductor technology and 99.9997% oxygen-free, PCOCC, solid-core conductors for maximum sonic accuracy.

For even smoother sound, you can terminate your Speaker Wire with high-quality, 24k gold-plated, PureAV Do-It-Yourself Speaker Spades, Banana Plugs, or Speaker Pins (sold separately).

- Drastically reduces signal distortion for unrivaled audio clarity using 99.9997% oxygen-free, PCOCC conductors
- Optimizes performance at all frequencies for consistent, exact sound reproduction using hybrid-conductor technology
- Maintains stronger signals that yield superior sonic accuracy with precision-formulated, polyethylene dielectric material
- Enables safe in-wall installation and maintains integrity, even when bent with CL3-rated, abrasion-resistant, flexible PVC jacket

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