Belkin PureAV 15-Gauge Flat Speaker Cable 9m

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High-Performance Flat Speaker Cable with Precision-Formulated Polyethylene Dielectric Material for High-Accuracy and Natural Sound Quality.
Using advanced engineering methods and the highest-quality materials, PureAV Speaker Cables deliver the purest audio solution available. Ordinary speaker cables sacrifice performance by using lower-grade materials, including steel or low-purity copper conductors. This can result in signal loss that causes poor high-frequency reproduction, and sound that is not truly accurate. PureAV's speaker cables use polyethylene dielectrics to maintain signal strength over longer distances.

Fifteen-gauge speaker cables improve power transfer and sound accuracy over higher-gauge cables. The recommended minimum gauge for smooth sound reproduction is 18-gauge; the longer the cable length and the larger the amp, the heavier the gauge required. This PureAV Flat Speaker Cable hides easily along baseboards and under carpet with its thin, flexible design.

• Delivers better audio clarity and a more natural sounding midrange with superior-grade, 99.99%-purity copper conductors
• Generates better high frequencies and a more realistic stereo image using precision-formulated polyethylene dielectric material
• Creates precise contact and increased durability with 4 corrosion-resistant, 24k gold speaker pins
• Extends durability with abrasion-resistant, high-temperature PVC jacket
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