HP Photosmart R707 digital camera with camera dock

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High performance photography – 5.1 MP, 24x total zoom plus included dock.

5.1 MP and 3x optical zoom plus included dock.

Cool stainless steel face and wave-style fingergrip. 5.1 MP resolution, 24x total zoom plus powerful HP Real Life technologies™ including HP Adaptive Lighting and in-camera red-eye removal. Includes dock for easy photo sharing and battery recharging.

Ergonomically designed with a brushed steel front and wave-style fingergrip, this ultra compact, easy-to-use digital camera puts HP Real Life technologies™ at your fingertips.

5.1 MP resolution and 24x total zoom (3x optical, 8x digital) ensure sharp photos while HP Adaptive Lighting brings detail out from the shadows.

In-camera red-eye removal, HP Image Advice and panorama mode will help you take better photos, while the dock enables easy photo sharing, battery recharging and more.

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