Kodak Neck Strap

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Use this attractive black neck strap with select KODAK Digital Cameras. The strap is 1 ½" (3.8 cm) wide and has a soft leather backing for a comfortable feel around your neck. It is packaged with hardware which conveniently attaches to your camera.


CX4310, DX3700, DC290, DX3600, DC260, DX3500, CX6445, CX4210, DC240, CX7310, DX7440, DX4530, LS443, DC220, CX4200, DC25, DC215, DX6490, CX7530, CX4300, DC210, CX4230, CX7330, DC210 plus, DC5000, CX6200, LS420, CX7300, DX6440, DX4330, DC4800, DX4900, DC3800, CX7220, CX6330, LS753, LS633, DC3400, DX3215, DC280, DX7590, DX7630, LS743, DX3900, DC3200, DC265, CX7430, DX6340, CX7525

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