Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM

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A fast, ultra wide-angle zoom lens offering excellent peripheral performance throughout the zoom range. With a constant f/2.8 aperture, it is ideal for professionals shooting in low light conditions.


-L-series construction and optics.
-f/2.8 aperture throughout zoom range.
-Fast, quiet auto focus.
-Aspherical and UD lens elements.
-Super Spectra coatings.
-Circular aperture for excellent bokeh.
-Passes distance information to E-TTL II.
-Soft case and lens hood.

The professional’s ultra wide-angle zoom.

L-series quality
The lens embodies Canon's highest standards of L-series optics, build quality, reliability and operability. A robust construction includes dust and moisture resistant seals to protect against harsh weather conditions.

Constant f/2.8 aperture
A fast f/2.8 aperture delivers impressive low light performance and depth-of-field control. The aperture is fixed over the full focal range, allowing photographers to maintain a constant fast shutter speed when zooming.

Fast, quiet auto focus
A ring USM (Ultrasonic Motor) drives extremely rapid auto focus with near-silent operation. Full time mechanical manual focus override is available without having to switch out of AF. The lens offers a minimum focusing distance of 0.28m throughout the zoom range.

Good background bokeh
A circular barrel aperture helps to create attractive, even background bokeh when isolating subjects at wide apertures.

UD and aspherical elements
The EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM incorporates three aspherical elements to ensure corner-to-corner sharpness and clarity throughout the focal range. Two UD (Ultra Low Dispersion) elements virtually eliminate chromatic aberrations.

Super Spectra coatings
Super Spectra lens coatings suppress flare and ghosting - more prone to occur with digital cameras due to reflection off the image sensor. Coatings also help maintain accurate colour balance and high contrast.

Passes distance information to E-TTL II
The lens passes distance information back to the camera's E-TTL II flash system for consistently accurate flash metering.

The EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM lens comes supplied with a lens hood and soft case.

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Colour of product:
Closest focusing distance:
0.28 m
Component for:
Diagonal angle of view (max):
Diagonal angle of view (min):
Focal length range (f-f):
16 - 35 mm
Image stabilizer:
Lens mount interface:
Canon EF
Lens structure (elements/groups):
Lens type:
Maximum aperture number:
Number of diaphragm blades:
AF actuator:
Ring USM
8.85 cm
Filter size:
8.2 cm
11.2 cm
640 g

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