Canon JR7.2V10WF

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Stock up on this replacement bulb for the VL-10Li Video Light so you are always prepared to shoot indoors or outdoors.
Compatible products:
- Elura\n- Elura 10\n- Elura 2\n- Elura 20MC\n- Elura 2MC\n- Elura 40MC\n- Elura 50\n- Elura 60\n- Elura 65\n- Elura 70\n- Elura 80\n- Elura 85\n- Elura 90\n- GL1\n- Optura\n- Optura 10\n- Optura 100MC\n- Optura 20\n- Optura 200MC\n- Optura 30\n- Optura 3

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