Y-cam Shell White

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Load up your camera with official Y-cam Accessories. The Y-cam Shell fits around any of our indoor models (S / SD / POE range) and enables them to be used outside in a fully weatherproof IP66-rated casing!

Universal Outdoor Enclosure for Y-cam Wireless IP Cameras

The Y-cam Shell is an external housing enabling any of our indoor Y-cam models (Y-cam White, Black or Knight - standard or SD versions) to be mounted outside.

It is built from carefully specified materials to minimise signal attenuation, making sure that your WiFi signal retains its strength, while always protecting your camera from the elements.

The mounting bracket is universal - allowing the camera to be orientated in any desired direction and is semi-cable managed allowing the power and, if necessary, the ethernet/network cable to be routed to the camera.


- Fully Weatherproof
- Made from high-quality anti-UV rays ABS material
- Will not interfere with any of your Y-cam functions
- Easy to install
- Fits around all current indoor models
Colour of product:
Operating relative humidity (H-H):
0 - 95%
Operating temperature (T-T):
-20 - 60 °C
Dimensions (WxDxH):
170 x 135 x 125 mm
600 g

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