Eminent EM6056 camera housing

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Outdoor Camera Housing
Need to keep an eye on your premises? Turn your indoor camera into an outdoor camera with this Eminent EM6056 Outdoor Camera Housing. You can use the EM6056 Outdoor Camera Housing in combination with the EM6029 30x Zoom Camera to record your properties.

Rugged construction
The rugged weatherproof design of the Eminent EM6056 makes the outdoor housing perfectly suitable for outdoor usage. The cover can easily be opened for servicing. The tray inside the housing can be adjusted, so your EM6029 camera can be mounted inside the housing.

Suitable for every season
Your camera is protected in every season of the year. It will be kept cool during the summer thanks to the built in cooling fan. During the winter the camera is heated thanks to the built in heating element.

Including mounting material
Install the Eminent EM6056 Outdoor Housing using the provided wall mounting materials. The EM6056 comes with an adjustable mounting bracket, screws and plugs for wall or ceiling mounting. A powerful 12V DC adapter is included to provide enough power for all the functions of the housing.

Install your surveillance camera outside in a weatherproof housing
- Heavy-duty metal outdoor housing;
- Weatherproof and suitable for every season;
- Top swings open for easy servicing;
- Wall mounting materials included;
- Including power supply;
- 5-Year warranty;
- Accessible helpdesk.
Colour of product:
Power requirements:
12V DC, 2A

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