Sony F58AM Flash / Light

В наявності
- External flash unit with GN58 (105mm lens, ISO 100)
- High accuracy ADI flash metering combines TTL metering and guide number control
- High-speed flash recharge (5 secs cycle to full power)
- New Quick Shift Bounce system maintains consistent shadow position in horizontal or vertical orientation
- Intelligent WB adjustment with colour temperature information (optimised for new α models)
- High-speed synch at all shutter speeds
- Full manual control with 6-step power settings (1/1-1/32)
- Auto zoom, modelling flash and multi-flash emission
- Wireless TTL mode
- Wide-angle adjustable bounce 150˚ up, 10˚ down, 90˚ left and right
- High-endurance flash tube for extended life
- Intuitive, easy-to-read rear panel display
- Built-in white catchlight reflector can be used in horizontal and vertical position
- Built-in wide panel covers field of view up to 16mm
- Supplied with soft carry case and stand for wireless shooting
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Guide number (ISO 100, set at 35mm zoom):
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