TDK Mini-DV 60Min

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TDK Life on Record Designer DVC Media for digital camcorders combines unrivaled performance and durability with a festive twist. Colorful Designer DVC cartridge designs make it easy to identify a specific tape, and facilitate organizing your DVC media library by color. Each TDK Designer DVC tape comes with its own ultra-durable carrying case, insert card and blank labels.

If you're confused about whether your camcorder uses DVC or Mini-DV media, don't be because DVC and Mini-DV are the same thing. TDK Designer DVC media is compatible with all DVC/Mini-DV camcorders.

A Designer DVC tape can capture approximately 60 minutes of video with audio in a camcorder's standard play (SP) mode, or up to 90 minutes in long play (LP) mode.
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