Sony PDV-184N blank video tape

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184N DVCAM tapes can be substituted with 276HD DVCAM for HDV tapes and still achieve the same 184 minute record time when shooting in DVCAM mode.

Sony DVCAM cassettes not only feature a rugged album case, but a professional durable tape to meet all your production needs. This 184N tape is the most popular of the DVCAM lengths.

With 50% fewer dropouts, Sony DVCAM tapes are ideal for professional video applications. Sony's Advance Metal Evaporated (AME) Technology makes the tape more durable and reduces the amount of hiccups that could cause problems later on in editing.

Sony DVCAM tapes feature Sony's advanced Diamond-Like Carbon protective coating to make the tape 30% stronger than consumer dv tape. This coating will really make a difference during Pause and Freeze Frame operations. DVCAM tapes also offer 50% less tape shrinkage than most consumer dv tapes. This gives DVCAM tapes excellent machine-to-machine compatibility and prevents the tape from shrinkage during shooting in varied temps. This makes the tape more reliable in long-term storage and more consistent in tracking and playback.
Coercive force:
105 kA/m
Tape thickness:
7 µm
Tape type: