C2G 40473 audio module

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With its high bandwidth and low crosstalk, this selector delivers maximum picture performance. The ultimate controller for high definition and progressive scan video sources, this selector routes any of four source devices to each TV/monitor or one source to both TV/monitors. Connect all your HDTV products including DVD players, satellite receivers, cable set-top boxes, or gaming systems, and use the remote control, RS-232 control, USB, or front panel buttons to watch any picture on any two CRT, LCD or projection televisions with complete independence!

This matrix switch offers four component video inputs, four stereo audio inputs, and four coaxial digital audio inputs. It will switch all these inputs to either of the two outputs, with the audio following video. The matrix switch also comes with an infrared remote control to make programming complex macros into your universal remote control system a snap. Plus, the unit learns IR commands for use with other IR remote controls.

For source and monitor selection, you can use the IR remote, RS-232 control, USB or manual selection on the front panel for seamless integration into more sophisticated control systems. Now you can take control of your system and watch what you want where you want, and do it with no compromises!
Dimensions (WxDxH):
368 x 394 x 57.1 mm
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