Panasonic TY-FB10WPU video capture board

В наявності
Wireless Presentation Board for Professional Series Plasma Displays (10 and 11 series only).

The TY-FB10WPU Wireless Presentation Board allows you to transmit presentations from a laptop to our Professional Series Plasmas (10 - 11 series) without the need to connect any wires -- it's that simple.

- Wireless connection (IEEE 802.11b/11g) eliminates the need to connect any cables between the display and a PC
- High-speed wireless transmission produces smooth motion images
- Images from one PC can be displayed in real-time on as many as eight displays
- Images from up to 16 PCs can be simultaneously displayed on to a single screen
- Plasma displays can be controlled using a web browser
- Also accepts component video and audio inputs
Networking features:
IEEE 802.11b/11g