HP 2.1 Compact Speaker System

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With two speakers and a 10.2 cm (4”) subwoofer, this compact system fills the room with rich, full sound. There’s a wired control for on/off, and a headphone jack for private listening.

• The HP 2.1 Compact Speaker System features two compact speakers with a 10.2 cm (4”) subwoofer. Fill the room with rich, full sound or use the headphone jack to enjoy private listening.

• Want to hear the bass? Connect the speakers and the subwoofer, hit the remote and fill the whole room with rich sound, for your maximum audio experience. Too loud? No problem, a comfortable headphone jack is within easy reach.

• The speakers in the HP 2.1 Compact Speaker System won’t fill up valuable space in your room, but the sound they give out will. Enjoy every note with the 10.2 cm (4”) wooden subwoofer and its extra-impressive bass response.

• Connect the HP 2.1 Compact Speaker System to your desktop, PC, MP3 or CD player and enjoy your games, movies and music with superior acoustics. The speakers include magnetically shielded drivers, so your enjoyment will be interference free.
Audio output channels:
Recommended usage:
Number of satellite speakers:
Subwoofer type:
Colour of product:
Remotely operated:
Satellite speaker dimensions (WxDxH):
68.07 x 63.5 x 77.98 mm
Set weight:
1.43 kg
Subwoofer dimensions (WxDxH):
193 x 151 x 132 mm

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