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DAB / DAB+ USB Stick for digital radio reception on your computer

- USB DAB / DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio tuner for Digital radio reception on a computer
- Software developed in cooperation with German Fraunhofer Institute
- Wide range of extended radio stations incl. additional digital information
- CD sound quality and surround sound broadcasts
- No more crackling, hissing or searching for frequencies due to latest technology
- Incl. recording function

The radio for the future DAB und DAB +

You can easily receive digital radio via antenna on your computer and keep on being mobile. Just plug in the NOXON DAB stick in a free USB port on your computer or notebook, install the enclosed software and enjoy the quality of digital radio. The enclosed software is developed in cooperation with German Fraunhofer Institute and designed especially for excellent DAB reception.

Digital radio starts where FM radio reaches its limitations. DAB / DAB+ offers an excellent sound quality, numerous channels, fascinating new services and additional information. Opposite to FM, DAB almost has no restrictions regarding geographical location within your own country.

Get access to the digital world of radio with the new NOXON DAB stick.

NewsService (Journaline)

Journaline is a new service for DAB+ radio systems. It provides structured textual information that can be easily accessed by the user with a DAB+ enabled digital radio. The user can navigate through the menu structure of the digital radio and search for the content, this specific person is interested in. The provided content is related to the radio program or even independent content. The Journaline application offers information services about news, sports, traffic, weather and a lot more.
Supported radio bands:
Colour of product:
Plug and Play:
5.3 cm
9 mm
2.5 cm

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