Philips Portable Speaker System SBA290

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XSL Acoustics
Enjoy dynamic sound and powerful bass performance from your ShoqBox with XSL Acoustics. Impressive sound is produced by combining bright, brisk treble and mid range sound with elastic, powerful bass. Innovative use of high- tech materials like titanium cone and neodymium magnet deliver sound output that's nearly double the power of a traditional speaker driver of the same size. Precise tuning between the speaker driver, the small acoustic architecture and the circuitry ensures
superbly dynamic sound and optimizes bass performance from the smallest sound enclosure.

DBB Dynamic Bass Boost
Activate the Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB), and the low-end bass frequencies are electronically enhanced to achieve consistent sound reproduction, especially when the speaker volume is set at a low level. You hear impressive bass at all times.

Incredible Surround ™
Incredible Surround™ widens the sound stage, giving you the impression of having extra speakers all around you.

For portable equipment
Universal use with all portable entertainment equipment. Simply connect using the 3.5mm plug.

Ultra-compact and lightweight
Super slim and lightweight you'll hardly notice it's with you. Pop it in your pocket or bag and take it anywhere. Ultimate portability.

Carrying pouch
Look after your speaker and stop the cable getting tangled by storing it in this handy soft pouch
when not in use.

Speaker cable management
With it's unique design, cable storage is no longer an issues. Simply pack and go.
Frequency range:
100 - 20.000 Hz
2 Ω
RMS rated power:
6 W
80 dB
LED indicators:
Number of speakers:
Carrying case:
Driver unit:
4 cm
Gross weight inner carton:
1.5993 kg
Gross weight of outer carton:
5.294 kg
Height (cm) inner carton:
20.8 cm
Height (cm) outer carton:
23.2 cm
Inner carton dimensions (W x D x H):
17.8 x 22.8 x 20.8 mm
Length (cm) inner carton:
22.8 cm
Length (cm) outer carton:
55 cm
Net weight inner carton:
1.1148 kg
Net weight of outer carton:
3.3444 kg
Package weight:
0.7305 kg
Packaging net weight:
0.5574 kg
Packaging tare weight:
0.1731 kg
Tare weight inner carton:
0.4845 kg
Tare weight outer carton:
1.9496 kg
Width (cm) inner carton:
17.8 cm
Width (cm) outer carton:
24.2 cm
AC adapter included:
Travel pouch:
Bass adjustment:
Connectivity technology:
Cord length:
0.3 m
3.5 mm
Battery type:
Battery voltage:
1.5 V
Number of batteries supported:
Power source type:
AC, Battery
Package depth:
19 cm
Package height:
8.5 cm
Package weight:
730 g
Package width:
21.8 cm

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