XtremeMac Lime MicroWallet Pastel for iPod nano

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Pretty protection in a sleek case.
MicroWallet Pastel is a slim, flip-style case crafted for stylish, durable protection of your iPod nano. It features a soft exterior and a microsuede lining to prevent scratches, as well as a secure snap closure that leaves the earbud port accessible. MicroWallet Pastel also includes a removeable carabiner that can be used to attach MicroWallet to your belt loop, purse, or backpack for convenient portability. When flipped open, MicroWallet Pastel reveals the entire face of iPod nano and provides complete access to all controls and ports.

Key features:
- Durable carabiner secures MicroWallet to any loop or strap
- Flip-style closure protects iPod nano while leaving headphone jack accessible
- Features a durable exterior and a soft lining to prevent scratches
iPod nano

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