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CENTER STAGE is everything a home party organizer, musician, small band, or venue needs to deliver big, powerful sound to their audience. This complete sound system consists of two self-powered speakers with stands, a built-in mixer, microphone, cables, and a cradle to hold portable digital music players, like an iPod.

The easy-to-transport speakers provide full, rich sound, thanks to the system's 50 watts of power. CENTER STAGE can amplify microphones, electric instruments - like keyboards or guitars - or your iPod and other digital music players.

CENTER STAGE is a complete, compact sound system and comes with everything you need to get started: speaker stands to keep the speakers at optimal height, a microphone with cable, and a 1/8"-to-RCA cable so you can easily plug in your iPod, cell phone, or CD player. CENTER STAGE even has a built-in mixer, so you can adjust each input level to get just the right balance and sound.

With CENTER STAGE from ION, you'll be heard, loud and clear.
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iPod, cell phone, CD player
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