Philips Electret Microphone SBCME570

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Stereo Quality

Liven up the occasion with a stereo electret microphone for studio-quality recordings.

Bring the occasion to life
- Electret condenser ensures studio quality sound and clarity
- Minimized noise when switching between on and off
- Omni-directional design picks up sound from all directions
- Windshield improves sound quality by preventing noise

Always ready
- A 5m-long cable that's ideal for use with microphones
- Die-cast housing reduces resonance and extends product life
- Convenient box for microphone and cable storage
- Table stand allows hands-free use on a flat surface
Microphone direction type:
Microphone input impedance:
600 Ω
Microphone sensitivity:
45 dB
Package depth:
7.4 cm
Package height:
28.9 cm
Package width:
14.3 cm
Cable length:
3 m
Connectivity technology:
Battery type:
Number of batteries supported:
Battery voltage:
1.5 V
Frequency range:
50 - 18000 Hz
Gross weight inner carton:
1.9 kg
Gross weight of outer carton:
14 kg
Height (cm) inner carton:
9.2 cm
Height (cm) outer carton:
39 cm
Length (cm) inner carton:
46 cm
Length (cm) outer carton:
55.5 cm
Net weight inner carton:
0.65 kg
Net weight of outer carton:
5.1 kg
Package weight:
0.59 kg
Packaging net weight:
0.29 kg
Packaging tare weight:
0.3 kg
Tare weight inner carton:
1.25 kg
Tare weight outer carton:
8.9 kg
Width (cm) inner carton:
27 cm
Width (cm) outer carton:
47.5 cm

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