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ASUS CineVibe is USB gaming vibration headset and its ear cups conforms to a user’s ears for an enhanced bass experience. This special feature gives listeners unbelievably live audio during gaming and movie watching. Besides, the CineVibe is a plug & play USB headset that delivers full audio without requiring any driver installation. Sporting an elegant and ergonomic design, the CineVibe is the embodiment of ASUS modern design spirit. ASUS CineVibe delivers exceptional aural pleasure, ultra comfort, and master visual aesthetic. Moreover, ASUS CineVibe meets advanced European Environmental standard with Halogen-free materials. It represents ASUS leading eco-friendly drive.

Experience immersive bass sound through vibration
- Enhance bass feeling via rumble-feedback vibrators

Enjoy extreme comfort for long gaming sessions
- Breathing & Anti-biotic, the most advanced Japan protein leather cushions
- Comfortable head-band with high-density Styrofoam

Super easy: plug & play, driver free / compact control box
- USB connector for stable digital input and more efficient power
- Volume, microphone, and vibration control

Gaming on the road! Fold to flat design
- Excellently foldable design to fit the lean space of laptop carrying bag

Superb sound quality
- Exceptionally Crisp Mids & Highs and Excellent Bass
- Noise-Cancellation microphone with Directness to empower you to be game commander

Industrial leading, Halogen free
- CineVibe meets advanced European Environmental standard, Halogen free
Driver unit:
3 cm
Ear coupling:
Headphone frequency:
20 - 20000 Hz
Headphone sensitivity:
105 dB
Microphone frequency:
100 - 10000 Hz
Cable length:
Device connectivity:
Device interface:

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