Belkin F8Z498cw

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Find the best station for your FM Transmitter—with a little help from your iPhone’s GPS.
Now you can listen to your iPhone music through your car stereo and quickly find the best FM station with the help of your iPhone’s GPS system and location-based user feedback. TuneCast Auto Live combines ClearScan Technology with Belkin’s ClearScan Live iPhone app to provide the best FM station recommendations wherever you drive.

The Only FM Transmitter with GPS-Assisted Station Locator
TuneCast Auto Live is the only FM transmitter with GPS-assistance for the fastest FM station location and best audio quality for your drive. The ClearScan Live app is available free through iTunes—just download and launch the app from your iPhone. You’ll get the best FM scanning technology at the push of a button, and station recommendations from other TuneCast Auto Live users in your area based on your GPS coordinates. You can also contribute to the quality of ClearScan Live's recommendations by rating how well stations work where you are.

Control at Your Fingertips
Control your FM transmission and music seamlessly from your iPhone screen—no need to fumble with separate FM buttons. ClearScan Live lets you display the current FM frequency and control the transmitter directly from your device.
TuneCast Auto Live has two programmable preset buttons and a PRO setting for optimizing audio and boosting volume. The high-contrast backlit display lets you see your station clearly.

Arrive Fully Charged
The dock connector charges through your car’s 12-volt lighter outlet to keep your device fully charged while playing.
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